Bloomington Public Schools Master Agreement

This information is intended to help and assist our reserve teachers in the preparation and fulfillment of their teaching duties and duties in our schools. We hope this information will help you make your reserve learning experience as positive and productive as possible. The administration is not great. Lack of respect for the public 5.7 Curriculum (SIP) The curriculum of an elementary art specialist who is not assigned to a permanent art classroom inside the same building is allocated between two consecutive hours of classes with a delay of at least ten (10) minutes. The ten (10) minutes of foul for an elementary art specialist can be five (5) minutes if the classrooms are adjacent. The program of a basic music professional or SIP teacher who is not assigned to a permanent art classroom inside a building is assigned a minimum of five (5) minutes between two consecutive hours of classes. A possible abandonment time can be waived by mutual agreement between all the employees concerned and the site manager. This language does not exclude specialists who have a classroom to spend time between classes. 15.15.4 Medical benefits are in accordance with the provisions of the group document in force at the time of application for coverage. Copies of all master`s policies, documents that describe benefit coverage or procedures and experience, and other documents prepared by the plan administrator made available to the employer are made available to the association and each authorized worker receives a timely summary of benefits and an identity card for medical benefits. 2.17 School Calendar The superintendent or his representative will ask the association to submit their views and comments on a proposed schedule for the next school year before setting the schedule and will take these views and comments into account when making recommendations for the employer`s decision; However, if the start of the next schooling and the start, the end and the duration of the winter and spring holidays are fixed during this next school period, negotiations between the employer and the association will begin no later than January 1 of the school semester at the time.