Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Support Ticket

For all other supported languages, Microsoft provides support only during local business hours. During business hours, you can ask an English-speaking engineer to help you, with the option to use our free translation services if necessary. You can also wait until the next business day for help in one of the languages, with the exception of English. Responses to your email requests for assistance will be given during the support team`s business hours, which may be in a different time zone than yours. Although Premier customers can continue to use the Microsoft Premier online portal or phone channels to send a request for assistance, Using the Azure portal offers a number of important benefits, including: customers who spend less than $250,000 per year on Software Assurance without a First/Unified Enterprise Assistance Agreement are passed on to a partner for support or can purchase professional incident support You can only apply tags to resources that support Azure Resource Manager processes. If you have created a virtual machine, a virtual network or a memory via the traditional deployment model (z.B. via the conventional portal), you cannot one day apply to this resource. You need to re-provide these resources through the resource manager to support tagging.

All other resources support tagging. Choose from a wide range of short-term support services tailored to your IT lifecycle and existing standards. These proactive services, available to businesses and partner organizations, meet specific requirements related to the development and management of your Microsoft technology-based workloads. A paid support plan is required to access Azure technical support. However, some Microsoft programs can allow you to access Azure`s technical support through support benefits, even if you don`t have a paid support plan. The following programs include the benefits of Azure Support: Get answers to your technical questions in Microsoft Q-A, a community support channel where you can learn, connect and exchange ideas with community experts, Microsoft engineers and other customers. In addition, Microsoft`s robust search tool contains responses from a variety of sources, making it a valuable self-help resource to meet your learning needs. Microsoft offers 24×7 in English for gravity A and B and japanese for gravity A. Support developer includes gravity C, the lowest gravity. All subscriptions under a billing account have the same support plan and all users who have access to one of the subscriptions to one of the subscriptions under the account with a support plan are entitled to support for these subscriptions.

Go to the Azure portal to see the subscription list in your account. If you have acquired your support plan through a Microsoft representative or partner, contact them for support. Microsoft Unified Support provides full 24×7 support with a response time of 1 hour or less for critical issues.