Qatar Diamond Agreement

. What do you think of the introduction of the Qatar executive`s diamond agreement? Are you planning to take this initiative in the current climate? Let us know what you think of the service in the comments section. Who owns Qatar Executive? It is a wholly-state subsidiary of Qatar Airways. . This comes as such an announcement – you say “Flat Hourly Rate,” but not really the open cost! . Can other readers indicate how these programs or other similar private jet programs apply? . Qatar Executive was established in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Airways and has a fleet of long-haul and ultra-long-haul aircraft from Gulfstream and Bombardier. It`s a customer launched for the Gulfstream G700. In 2020, it launched The Diamond Agreement, which offers private jet solutions at a fixed price and without warranty.

. Diamond Agreement plans are purchased in at least 50 hours and are available in the Qatar Executive`s 18-person fleet, the Qatar Executive Executive Executive 605 and Global 5000 ultra-long range (14,000 km, 15-hour flight time) Gulfstream G650ER and the next G700, for which the Qatar Executive Executive is the customer. In recent months, Qatar Executive has maintained a robust and agile network despite a challenging operating environment and has brought its customers home safely. What is the entry-level program? The Diamond deal begins at 50 hours a year Hardman also notes that Covid-19 has triggered an increase in demand for private jet bookings as travelers try to avoid crowded commercial flights and airports. These customers have the opportunity to hit the sky with the company`s business aircraft. The operator owns a fleet of Gulfstream G650ERs, Gulfstream G500s and Global 5000 aircraft. In addition, it is the Gulfstream G700`s launch customer, the Gulfstream G700. “And we had the challenge of opening and closing international borders, restrictions, quarantine… but there is a real demand for VIP and private jet travel. “From a budgetary point of view, there is no need to worry about the location of the aircraft. You would pay the same amount on this trip today as you would tomorrow, as you would in 11 months. To participate in the program, customers purchase at least 50 hours of flight time without associated dues.

All-inclusive fares and fixed timetables cover both flight and taxi time. . Overall, the global health crisis continues to shake the aviation sector and worry many travellers around the world. In the midst of all the additional measures and the concern for the risks, there are probably passengers who prefer to fly privately under the current conditions. In the absence of minimum annual usage and maximum transmission times, the pre-purchased Diamond Agreement was designed to simplify private jet traffic, making the Diamond Agreement program unrivalled in terms of flexibility. Qatar Executive customers are also guaranteed availability for bookings already booked from 72 hours in advance. . The Diamond Agreement is tailored to the individual needs and needs of the customer and offers a truly unique flight experience. It guarantees unrivalled service aboard qatar Executive`s state-of-the-art fleet of private jets. “Historically, there were basically two products” in the corporate rental and private jet market, says Hardman, a 30-year veteran of the industry, “and the Diamond Agreement literally takes the best parts of both and combines them with this new product.” These jets are spread all over the world – Hardman describes the fleet as “nomadic” and not as a solid base.

“There could be a number of jets in each region at any time.”