Awal Distribution Agreement

Soundrop is not designed to compete with other services (like its sister CD Baby). It aims to simplify distribution for a specific type of creator. Shortly after the start of the new year, MelodyVR signed an agreement for the creation and distribution of virtual reality content with AWAL. As part of the deal, vr now has the right to stream both live and pre-recorded content with AWAL artists. Songtradr uses a 3rd party distributor outside europe for the actual distribution. It is in this context that they must look at currency conversion. I looked at a few license distribution reports from August 2019 and their Spotify payments were almost half as high as for other distributors. They said they corrected this question (only after I reported it). That`s the problem with companies embarking on a posteriori distribution — a pretty steep learning curve.

I have seen updated royalty reports and it seems that they have highlighted this problem for now. A fully functional and intuitive app is surprisingly rare in music distribution. However, AWAL is an exception to this rule with an attractive app that is as easy to navigate as it is full of tools and useful data. Unlike most digital distributors, AWAL does not accept just anyone. You must first apply on your website and if you are accepted, you can upload your music. You now have a successful distribution arm of your business, and I`ve heard great things. Most of the analytical data for your projects is available through the app and offers a comfort that many other music distribution platforms do not reach. And of course, you can check your income directly from the app. The British music group has signed a new contract with AWAL. Proper will now act as the host company`s global physical distribution partner, with the exception of North America. I have included in the graph the categories that I thought were the most important. All companies have additional services and I included some of their services in their assessment when I thought they were great and ousted some of their services if I didn`t take care of them.

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