Credit Card Agreement Template

In view of the financial impact and risks associated with corporate credit cards, [name of company] has established this Directive in order to clearly define the protocols, restrictions and conditions of use. This provision is most effective for companies that use a progressive disciplinary system that takes into account immediate measures in the event of a serious infringement, but does not deny the employee`s employment after being harassed. Some companies may want to impose harsher penalties for non-compliance. An employment law specialist can advise you on options, for example. B the civil and / or criminal prosecution of the employee for unauthorized use of the card. The limits of the card depend on your seniority, your department and the frequency or nature of the expenses you incur. Normally, you see the limits of your card in the employee`s agreement, but usually the monthly limits are: this model business credit card usage agreement is written to be used in a situation where a company provides a company card for employees to use. The agreement is designed to be favourable to the employer and to make the worker personally responsible for the costs associated with the misuse of the card. Apply for free priority legal counsel to adapt this agreement and other employment documents relevant to your business. A company credit card policy clarifies the protocols and terms of use related to a credit card issued by the company. If you are not sure about the limits of your corporate credit card, ask our accounting department.