Sub Fee Agreement Sample

What are the best contracts if several parties are involved in the transaction? That is, the first seller. 2. Seller agent/broker. 3. Me. 4. Wholesalers 5. Buyer`s representative 6. buyers, etc. I imagine using a framework fee agreement between the buyer and the seller`s agent/broker to ensure payment of the commission/commission (3-6%).

However, since the other of us represent “intermediaries” (i.e.: Me, the wholesalers and the buyers) make sure that we are protected in the agreement as a glue that brings everything together? Real estate agent: any person who sells, offers or buys in exchange for compensation or valuable consideration, who offers or buys or negotiates the purchase, sale or exchange of real estate, including condominium units or shares, cooperative participations, the Time Shares program, even if they can be considered as securities, rentals or leasing offers, or for the rental or leasing of real estate or its real estate. IMPROVEMENT FOR OTHERS. MUST BE LICENSED. I suggest you get a consul from a lawyer experienced in real estate licensing law. You could be the subject of an investigation or an investigation into your relationship in relation to your assigned contract with a buyer would be opened by the licensed broker. State regulatory authorities will dispute your intention, for example. B do you represent a buyer or seller in negotiations? How do you separate yourself from representation in a trial? In other words, you are considered exempt from the requirements of a licensee. If I opted for option 2, would I still have to look for a JV deal? If not, why not? Note: I would consider that I would need confidentiality and confidentiality clauses in sub-fee and JV agreements, regardless of which ones I have used, and in both cases where I opt for both. Is this the only advantage of making both a JV deal and a sub-fairy deal? Good advice for contacting a legal representative. It`s always a good idea to let these things go through a lawyer first. .

Thank you for your reply. To be clear, I wouldn`t represent either the buyer or the seller, so I don`t think I can really be considered an “offer to buy” or a “negotiation” in any function. I would simply put the end buyer in touch with the seller through a network of contacts. I looked at the use of Master Fee Agreements for use in wholesale and investment transactions….