Sublease Agreement Chicago

The Illinois Sublease Agreement Template serves as a contractual form requiring a subtenant to become a subtenant after signing. These obligations are defined by the agreement between these two parties, which is then described and documented in the form of the contract itself. While this is only a contract between a subtenant and a subtenant (the landlord/lessor does not have a contract with the subtenant), it is necessary to document such an agreement, as it covers the precise terms agreed upon when these two parties decided to enter into a landlord/tenant relationship. Neither Illinois law nor Chicago outlines the process tenants should use to obtain their landlord`s consent to sublet. In practice, the key is to warn a landlord – the landlord should not feel that the tenant tried to hide the sublet or did not give him enough notification to check the potential sub-letter. Courts have also ruled that a landlord cannot refuse permission “inappropriately” if the tenancy agreement requires a tenant to be able to obtain permission before subletting.2 To reasonably refuse a potential sub-letter, a landlord must generally have business problems – for example, the applicant has horrible loans or a history of evictions. CONFIRMATION OF THE COPY RECEIVED: Each party who signs this sublease certifies the receipt of a copy. 18. AUTHORIZATION OF THE LESSOR: This sublease does not bind either party, unless it has been approved by the lessor as indicated below, provided that such authorization is required by the initial lease. The Parties shall be committed to this Agreement by their signatures below __ .