Uniform Law Victoria Costs Agreement

If legal practice has not disclosed, whether under subsection (1) or (5) because the total amount of the costs of proceedings in the case is unlikely to exceed the lower threshold, the law firm must, if or as soon as possible after the law firm has become aware (or has reasonably heard) that all legal fees (with the exception of GST and payments) are likely to exceed the lower threshold. $10,000 (indexed) and the designated local regulatory authority informs the parties in writing that it is unable to resolve the dispute. 3. For the purposes of this Chapter, the conduct of a lawyer in the performance of official duties as an arbitrator or cost expert constitutes conduct related to legal practice, unless the conduct relates to aspects of decision-making by the arbitrator or cost expert. (b) provide that legal practice may require no more than fair and reasonable amounts for legal costs; and we can only order the cancellation of a cost agreement if it is not fair or appropriate in accordance with clause 3.4.32 of the Act. (2) The Supreme Court shall accept a commitment from the designated local regulatory authority with respect to costs or damages and shall not require any further obligation from anyone else if – (6) A conditional cost agreement may provide that payments must be made regardless of the outcome of the case. .