Village Realty Rental Agreement

32. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP –GS42A-19. If this lease ends no later than 180 days after the voluntary transfer of the property by the lessor to a fellow, the scholarship holder takes possession of the property in accordance with the terms of the holiday rental agreement. If the lease ends more than 180 days after the registration of the interests of the fellow, the tenant does not have the right to enforce the terms of this contract, unless the lessee agrees in writing to respect this deadline. In this case, the tenant is entitled to a refund of the payments made. Before entering into a contract of sale, the lessor must disclose to the buyer the periods during which the property is subject to a rental agreement and, within 10 days of the transfer of a holiday property, the name, address and a copy of the rental agreement. Upon the transfer of ownership of the fellows, the fellow has 20 days to inform the tenant of the transfer, the name and address of the fellow and the date on which the fellow`s interest was registered. The scholarship holder must inform the tenant whether the tenant has the right to occupy the property in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement and the provisions of the Vacation Rental Act; and to inform the tenant if the tenant has the right to refund the payments made. Within 30 days of the cessation of the lessor`s interest in the property covered by the rental agreement, the entire advance lease paid by the lessee is transferred to the lessor`s beneficiary and the lessee is informed by post of such a transfer, including the name and address of the assignee.

In the event that the lease ends more than 180 days after the recognition of the interests of the successor of the owner, unless the lessor`s successor in rights has agreed in writing to comply with the rental agreement, the lessor shall transfer to the tenant, within 30 days, the entire advance rent paid by the tenant and the part of the remaining costs after legal deductions. Funds held on bail are paid in accordance with NCGS42A-18. In the event of an involuntary transfer of the owner`s interests, the lessor shall reimburse the tenant, within sixty days of such transfer, all payments made by the tenant. The Officer shall conduct all mediation activities relating to this Agreement, regardless of the race, skin colour, religion, sex, national origin, disability or marital status of any part or potential part of this Agreement. Disclosure and maintenance of real estate by the Agency: Seaport Village Realty represents the owner(s) of the property. We strive to help tenants. Seaport Village Realty is a vacation rental company and the management of the property is the sole responsibility of the owner. Occupancy: The total occupancy of the property must not exceed the maximum permitted number of residents, as stated on page 1 (1) of the rental agreement. Children, including babies of all ages, are counted towards this amount.

Violation of the occupancy limit is one of the reasons for an immediate evacuation. Unfortunately – no exceptions or refunds. Phones: Most homes don`t have phones and most have long-distance blocks. Please be prepared to use your phone or business cards. Bed linen and towels: Not all our house rentals include bed linen or towels. If you have rented a property without sheets, please bring it from home or ask your agent for a transfer to a local supplier. This agreement constitutes a real estate transaction and constitutes an agreement between the tenant and Village Realty as a broker to rent the premises described in this agreement. Payment terms: Bookings are received on a provisional basis and can be made by phone or Internet and confirmed after receipt of a 50% allowance.

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